What do you think if I say RAMEX?                          Think of a company founded by men and women who worked steel with their hands, think of people of value, created by their own intelligence and their desire to create a product that would last over time. Now think of a company that over the years has become recognized throughout the world, in which digitalisation has become a precious ally, in which machines have been dressed in technology and avant-garde, but in which men continue to work with hands and, above all, with intelligence.  


Since its birth in 1994, Ramex has been a clear example of how 
attention to detail, the know how, the discipline, the creativity and 
the choice of high quality materials can make a small local company, 
a worldwide known leader in its sector.
Despite a factory of over 12.000 square meters and cutting-edge 
machinery, the company continues to believe in human potential and 
ingenuity, in the Homo Faber who manages to do great things with his 
own hands and passion, thus making its products unique

Foto azienda
Foto Cristian (Grandi)


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